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Hillel Aron is a writer living in Echo Park. His work has appeared in such publications as the LA Weekly, Reuters, Slake, KCET online, the Huffington Post, and Neon Tommy.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Hillel graduated from USC film school, where he ran for student senate and lost. In 2005, he successfully petitioned Encyclopedia Britannica to make their entry on Los Angeles less negative. He started blogging for Dipdive and Madatoms in 2008.

The following year, he made his triumphant return to USC to study the burgeoning industry that is journalism. He is a three time L.A. Press Club nominee (and three time loser– er, runner-up). He is a frequent contributor to LA Weekly, covering mostly politics and education.

He is available to place words next to other words in exchange for money.

You can follow him on twitter here.